Orlando Baro

“I’m a disabled war veteran, my wife is retired also and always researching on the Google internet. We have two TV ‘s at home, but we can only watch one because the second TV does need another satellite box. We called Dishnetwork and they want us to pay to the TV man to come out and install the second box, they said the man will replace our dish for a bigger one and we need to pay for the installation also.
Our bill will increase from $149 to almost $169 plus tax and for the TV man to come out.
I called Antenna Master to put an antenna on the second TV to keep our bill at $149. They installed the antenna and we got all the channels we wanted and more. Well, I asked the man to disconnect my Dish box from our family room and connect the TV to the new antenna. I called Dishnetwork and canceled our service.
Now I watched my Matlock show when my wife watched whatever she likes.
We don’t pay anything a month anymore and we have no contract with anyone.
This man showed up in my house on time, did a clean job and was very honest.
I wish my wife would call Antenna Master sooner. “

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